• Become familiar with the Voice of GOD and how HE speaks to me.

  • Hear GODs Voice for myself & my family.

  • Start to have an understanding of dreams, visions and their interpretations.

  • Come into a relationship with THE HOLY SPIRIT.

  • Learn more about who I am in CHRIST.

  • Learn to prophesy over myself and my family to see results.

  • Know what real obedience is.

More Information

  • Course Material

    LIVE Webinar, Student Guide, Assignments

  • Start Date

    1st September 2020. Duration: 10 Weeks. Every Wednesday PLUS 2 on-site classes.

  • Fee

    N85,000 ($235)

Social proof: testimonials

“I feel so liberated and confident in CHRIST only because I have now understood the GOD I serve and this 13 week intensive (of course with the foundational help of CHRIST Class) class has aided that revelation. You truly are able to decipher that God speaks to you all the time, it enables you to let go of barriers and trust that truly this Christianity is real and that Kornerstone understands discipleship. The Dream Class was an added bonus and i am just not confused any longer. You have to be dedicated and committed though because the facilitators are as well (So they don't play). But overall it was fun, engaging, and by far the most gracious students ever (FOL will agree) I think once may not be enough to get the benefit of this, I am hoping life permits so i can do it again, it's so worth it.”

Olapeju A.

“Samuel’s Class transformed my mind!! I am renewed, strong, solid, spirit filled, filled with faith. Enjoying my every day in peace. Samuel Class is a life changer, I am grateful to God I got to take the class at this moment and a time like this. I used to be a very scared person, I lived in constant fear, I feared I was going to fail, I had fears of what tomorrow will bring. I feared what people thought of me. I lived in constant self pity, worries and doubt. My life was filled with always trying to prove a point for others to accept me or love. I fell into depression quite often and I couldn’t really share it with anyone because I had to appear strong. When I joined Samuel class, I got to understand the immense love of God, I got to understand that it was not about what I do right or do wrong, God loves me and things are working together for my good. I got delivered of negative thoughts, constant depression, weeping at night, and most especially I learnt to live a life of peace. This is really amazing, I stopped panicking and just prayed for wisdom when I am at a cross road. I know I have a mind of Christ and I can’t and will not fail. I learnt to listen to people, I learnt to be at peace in everything ( professional, spiritual, financial, practically in all areas of my live).”

Bukola P.

“Joining the Samuel Class ranks high in the best spiritual decisions I've made. I learned that God still speaks, and I am to trust what I see and hear especially in the place of prayer. I also learned that I am actually to stay in the place of prayer and be sensitive to the fact that God can speak/reveal things to me at any time. Speaking up BOLDLY was another major lesson. It can be daunting to confidently say, "God said" especially when what you're about to say seems weird/impossible but in this class, I learned to speak regardless and let my faith in God overshadow any fear/judgement of men. Lastly, I made new friends and that's always a good thing. Thank you to all our facilitators and supervisors! ”

Toyosi E