You will learn:

  • About JESUS CHRIST, Who HE was and IS.

  • What HE means to us now and the depth of the gift GOD has given us.

  • To appreciate the life of a child of GOD modelled after CHRIST and understand the redemption experience

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Social proof: testimonials

“CHRIST Class really changed my life, I know it might sound dramatic that my whole life changed in 4 classes but it really did. The class gave me a true understanding of the essence of CHRIST which in turn led me to a place of peace! I have been a Christian all my life, given my life to CHRIST a couple of times because I didn’t really get it, didn’t really grasp the love of God. I didn’t understand CHRIST or even truly understand what being born again is! I’m truly grateful for this class and I feel it should be the next step for anyone who makes the decision to give their life to CHRIST.”

Ebun O

“I signed up for the Class at the time when I had a nudge to seek God more closely in this my birth month of April. What is my take away from this Class, Jesus loves me exceedingly, this is not a cliche , although we all say it as , Christians we are somehow programmed to say it, without understanding what it really means. The various modules were enlightening, this course has made me revisit my bible reading again , the Holy Spirit is real and constantly present with the believer. This is the best news ever Everyone should do the Christ class at least once a year! It’s a recommended refresher class for every Christian. ”

Lara K

“I was tired of doing 'religion', I thought i knew God, I followed the rules and i prayed a LOT(the emphasis on lot is deliberate), yet i knew there was more .There was a still a nudging in my spirit that i didn't know God intimately. So when the opportunity came to be part of this course, i did not hesitate however i was expecting a typical bible school outcome, boring, judgmental and probably information overload. Oh was i wrong! it was such an exciting class, timely, very interactive, the lead facilitator and all the other facilitators were very sound, had biblical scriptures to back every query, (and i mean every single query as a lawyer now i just had to ask all the questions :)) to say a veil was torn before my very eyes is an understatement but that was what literally happened to me. Now I see Christ for who he is, I know him, i know his role in my life and for the first time i understand the bible verses 'who the lord has set free is free indeed', 'where my spirit is there is liberty'. I am indeed free and can partake of the divine nature of Christ , who i am joint heirs with. At the end of the class(which was too short by the way) i was yearning for more, i was so sad , was going to miss all the spiritual banters in class and the flow of knowledge that when the opportunity came to partake in the Samuel Class i did not hesitate to sign up. I recommend this class to every new covert, every Christian who is struggling with a religious mindset , every lost and confused Christian and every Christian seeking for the truth and please do come with an open mind and let Christ abide in you. Its phenomenal, Kornerstone is definitely my treasure , i am so keeping them and they are stuck with me now at least till the LORD comes.......”

Olapeju A